Training with the Dermalux® fluorescence-method

  • Implement hygiene concepts sustainably (e.g. against Covid)
  • Improve hand disinfection
  • Check hand washing
  • Identify cross-contamination
  • Promote skin protection in personal hygiene (according to Elsner/Wigger-Alberti)
  • Improve skin protection in the workplace

Dermalux® method – in the focus of hand hygiene since 1995

Whether in hospitals, food production, industrial operations or disaster control - as part of staff training on hand hygiene and skin protection, the UV device uses fluorescent test agents to reveal facts that cannot normally be seen with the naked eye.


The hygiene awareness of the training participants is raised in a simple but sustainable way. The test persons are motivated to accept the necessary measures and to carry them out correctly. This is also of great importance during current waves of illness in the population (e.g. Covid).


Geprüfte Sicherheit der Schulungen
Tested safety of the training courses thanks to equipment specially developed for the method
Anwendungssichere UVTechnologie
Application-safe UV technology
Strenge Vorgaben
Strict guidelines for carrying out the tests as intended, standardized procedures and exercises
Ideale Lichtverhältnisse
Ideal light conditions for viewing both hands
Specially developed test equipment for the safe simulation of germ transmission
Reproducible training situations
Scientifically validated learning success
International anerkannt
Dermalux® method internationally recognized


Dermalux Checkbox Multimedia

Dermalux® Checkbox Multimedia

The Dermalux® Checkbox is a specially equipped UV device for group instruction, events and presentations with camera accessories for beamer/TV.

Transport and display cases with and without trolley are optionally available.

High level of awareness due to use as part of the nationwide skin protection campaign of the statutory accident insurance institutions and from contributions on hygiene in numerous TV science programs.


Dermalux Multimedia Cam

Dermalux® Multimedia Cam

Farbkamera-Einheit für die Dermalux® Checkbox zum Anschluss an TV-Geräte und Beamer.

Dermalux Koffer

Dermalux® Transport- and Displaycase

the presentation equipment – professional and convenient. Trolley for transport case on request, installation included in the price.

Dermalux Testprodukte

Dermalux® test products

The hygiene training with the checkbox and the Dermalux® test products.


Repair service

You can reach our repair service - Ingenieurbüro Ott, Auf dem Meer 4, D-56333 Winningen - by calling 02606 - 963 280 and asking for Mr. Ott. Dermalux devices can only be accepted for repair at this address.

Warning notice

Please use only the Dermalux® Checkbox and derma Litecheck specially designed for safe UV hand hygiene and skin protection training to carry out the scientifically evaluated and standardized Dermalux fluorescence test as intended. Carefully follow the enclosed application and safety instructions. Avoid using unsuitable devices such as hand lamps and/or other devices that have not been developed and specially tested for this particular application.

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Spare parts

Dermalux Checkbox Multimedia
Dermalux® Checkbox Multimedia
derma Litecheck UV Multimedia
derma Litecheck UV® Multimedia
derma Litecheck UV
derma Litecheck UV®
Dimensions: W 42 cm,­ H 32 cm,­ D 28 cm W 35 cm,­ H 35 cm,­ D 10,8 cm W 35 cm,­ H 35 cm,­ D 10,8 cm
Weight: approx. 3,5 kg approx. 2 kg approx. 2 kg
Technical data: 100 - 240 V,­ 50-60 Hz 10 - 235 V AC,­ 50/60 Hz 10 - 235 V AC,­ 50/60 Hz
Price: 938,00 € 459,00 € 301,00 €


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Supporting memberships

Bundesverband Handschutz

Bundes­verband Handschutz

Your qualified partner for all questions relating to hand and skin protection.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Krankenhaushygiene e.V

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kranken­haus­hygiene e.V

The professional association for hospital hygiene in Germany.



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Dermalux-Methode in der Kranken­haus­hygiene

Dermalux - Method in hospital hygiene

Hygiene und Infektions­kontrolle

Good to know

Der Hautschutz in der Prävention der Berufsdermatosen

Elsner, Peter, Wigger-Alberti, Walter
Deutsches Ärzteblatt 94, Ausgabe 22 vom 30.05.1997
Seite A-1489 / B-1269 / C-1192

Akzeptanz und Effektivität von Hautschutzmaßnahmen

Dr. med. Walter Wigger-Alberti
Hautklinik (Direktor: Prof. Dr. P. Elsner)
der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena